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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  April 19, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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trip. president obama began his town hall meetings this morning. the subject, the economy. but when he arrived to the bay area, he will be boosting his campaign. >> i think it's just a way to publicize his candidacy. >> reporter: the president will attend a private dinner at the home of a san francisco ceo and breakfast thursday morning. plates at both events selling for as much as $35,000. but the president's first stop after landing at sfo will be facebook headquarters in palo alto. on cutting the deficit and $4 trillion in spending. >> we have to make sure that we are protecting the country and it's national security interest but that we're doing that in a way that's living within our
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means. >> reporter: president obama will also have his share of protesters on both sides of the political spectrum. tea party protesters will be at the facebook event and liberals who are against the war and spending cuts will be protesting right here outside of this fundraiser. in san francisco, ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. more details now, here's a look at the president's bay area schedule. the facebook town hall will be streamed live from palo alto at 1:45. then he will be attending a private fund raising dinner and making an appearance at the masonic auditorium that starts at 8:00 p.m. the president will then head to reno. and the talk with politics will take a step forward with president obama's town hall. mitt romney did it with a twitt
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and governor jerry brown fought his budget battle on you tube. coming up at 6:30. why politics is going online more and more and what it could mean for the 2012 campaign. we'll be tracking president obama's visit on our website. we'll carry his arrival right here on ktvu channel 2. the president is scheduled to touch down at 1:00. you can also find stories on our politics tab. and tomorrow we'll have live streams of the town hall that's all on family and friends are mourning the loss of a mother tonight after she was gunned down in a drive by shooting. paul chambers talked with the woman's relatives today including her 16-year-old daughter who has an important reminder for all young people. paul is in oakland now with this story. >> reporter: all day today friends and family stopped by this memorial to pay their respects for the 33-year-old mother of two. burton was shot and killed in
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this neighborhood last night. police are hoping that someone saw or heard something. >> i know patrice was no violent girl. she didn't get in any fights with anybody. she's never been arrested or anything. >> reporter: gladys ferguson is burton's grandmother. >> we had a wonderful evening and talked about going to church on easter sunday. >> reporter: she was told that burton and another woman were walking to the store when she was shot. the other woman who was not harmed called burton's male friend who drove burton to the hospital where she later died. >> it's just hard for me because i never would expect to lose my momma so soon. >> reporter: marjela admits she and her mother did not always get along. but with this move, she wants to mend fences with her family to make her mother proud.
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>> i'm going to be friend with my family like me momma wanted me to be. >> reporter: she gives this word of advice to all young people. >> i just want to say to all the other young girls that ain't looking up to their momma or just thinking they're too grown, not to. because you don't know when you're going to lose her, and it hurts so bad. >> reporter: now back here live you're looking at the memorial, oakland police say they have no leads in this case. they're hoping that if you know anything about it you giver them a call. live in oakland, i'm paul chambers. viewers in the chauncey bailey murder trial heard from -- as we reported yesterday, the judge is deciding how much of a police video tape the jury should see. the tape shows bey describing the bailey killing. this is it right here and laughing about it. the judge has not made a
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decision about that yet. a sam trans driver who shot and killed a woman in a crosswalk is facing a murder charge. she was driving the bus on december 30th when shina marie barker was hit and killed. new numbers out today from the labor department show the unemployment rate fell in 34 states across the country last night. that's the highest number of states to report a decline in 10 months. nationally the unemployment rate dropped last night to a two year low of 8.8%. california is still lagging on the employment front while the state's employment rose to 8% in march. help is wanted and we're talking about a lot of help.
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mcdonalds is looking for 50,000 workers. that's why thousands of people rushed to the golden arches today across the bay area. tom vacar caught up with them and tom what's going on out there? >> reporter: well the nation's largest fast food restaurant came to say come on in for one of these, but while you're at it come on in for one of these. the bay area's 250 mcdonalds restaurants are hoping to hire 900 employees this week. today mcdonalds háeld job fairs. the negative term mcjobs is outdated. >> it's not really where you came from, it's what you can do with it. how you can better yourself. >> it's a chance to progress up and get a better life. >> for me the job mcjobs means an opportunity. it means learning how to work within a team. it means understanding the importance of customer service. all of those job skills are important in mcdonalds or elsewhere in someone's life. >> there are a lot of people that are unemployed and looking
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for a job. i'm just trying to put my foot in the door. >> mcdonalds is hiring people with experience. >> reporter: bingo. >> i've been shift imaginer at other fast food restaurant experience. i hope that criteria will help me move up. >> mcdonalds has been an entry level job for young people, moms who need extra money. >> the little known fact is that 50% of my fellow mcdonald restaurant owners started as crew people. >> they can get into the management program and it could become a career for them. >> how soon? >> we'll kale you at 5:00 p.m. on friday and they tell you if you got the job or you did not. >> reporter: you're hopeful? >> very. i need it. >> reporter: these 50,000 jobs will add to the 650,000 employees mcdonalds already has. reporting live, consumer editor tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. the law firm that was
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accusing taco bell of mislabeling it's meat has dropped it's class action lawsuit. the alabama firm claimed that taco bell's so called seasoned beef did not meet the standard for beef. taco bell confronted the allegations with an ad campaign. and says that it did not buy the firm that filed the lawsuit. and gold prices have hit a record high. silver which is at a near 30 year high is in much higher demand. >> the cost of gold tends to be a little prohibitive right now. so a lot of folks are going to silver as an affordable precious metal that they can get their hands on and enjoy some of the investment. >> right now silver is selling
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at a more affordable $44 an ounce. and johnson and johnson reported better than expected sales and earnings. the dow gained 65 points. the nasdaq picked up about 10 points closing at 2,745. an animal rights group is accusing uc davis of animal abuse and of trying to cover it up. >> someone is cooking the books at uc davis. someone is withholding information. we don't know who. the group stop animal exploitation now says university appears to be deleting and altering records when requests are made for information about the deaths of research animals. it says uc davis, rather usda investigation found more than 15 incidents of traumatic injurys to a single primate despite a single record that claims the animals were well
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kept. >> places like uc davis have far less to do with human health than they have to do with human greed. >> reporter: the ohio basted animal group says its information is coming from a whistle-blower inside uc davis. the university is appealing the investigation saying its facilities are regularly inspected and that its animals get daily health checks and expert veterinary care. four police dogs are a bit safe every tonight thanks to some custom fit bullet-proof vests. those vests give the dogs protection while still allowing them to move around. the department paid for the vests with the help of donations following a shoot out. this water coming out of the bay. i can safely drink it. i'll explain after the break. pot club owners are facing
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off with san jose city leaders. we have a reporter in the which i am chambers and an update coming up. i have some forecasted rain that could impact your neighborhood.
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a close call for first lady michelle obama. federal aviation officials say an error by an air traffic controller may have forced a train carrying the first lady to abort a landing. it happened yesterday when first lady's obama came close to a cargo plane. the first lady's plane landed safely. a cleveland air traffic controller and his manager have been suspended not for sleeping but for watching a movie on the
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job. it happened on the same day transportation secretary ray lahood appeared on fox news to address the scandal over sleeping air traffic controllers. in this case the controller happened to leave his microphone open transmitting the sound track of the crime thriller "the cleaner" over the radio frequency for that air space. >> just like any other microphone, he pushed the button, i can't hear what you're saying. that's three minutes of air time that if a plane called they didn't get them. >> reporter: the faa prohibits the use of personal dvd players in air traffic control rooms. passengers at sfo could be left hungry if restaurant workers there go out on strike. a spokesman for the association that represents 46 restaurants at the airport told ktvu today if one restaurant strikes all the restaurants will lock out their employees. in the past, workers have held rolling strikes just affecting a few at a time. when reached by ktvu news the
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unite here union declined to comment. the two sides are at odds over wage increases. mediation is set for thursday. you might call it an emergency water plant it's a revolutionary idea and it's made its premier this afternoon right here in the bay area. ktvu's health and science editor john fowler joins us with an idea that could save lives. >> reporter: what you see here are bags of drinking water. it is saltwater from the bay. a few seconds after treatment, safe drinking water. >> reporter: it's pumping the water out -- >> using this red hose to our emergency response trailer. >> reporter: inside they showed me a series of filters and
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pumps that turns sea water into drunking water in seconds. designed fordisasters like another earthquake. >> we want to get water to victims as quickly as possible. we can bag them anddistribute them as quickly as possible. >> reporter: the bags are tough, the system's power is as clean as the water. this mobile solar power system is unhampered by weather. >> overcast is not a problem. >> reporter: one already sold to canada. they say they're also talking to the military about a battlefield version. and they say this unit can supply emergency drinking water for about 5,000 people a day indefinitely. reporting live, john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news.
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authorities are trying to find the source of a wide oil slick spotted near san francisco's fisherman's warf this morning. it was gone by 10:30 this morning. the no swimming signs came down around 2:00 this afternoon. twitter had threatened to leave the city because of the tax. opposing supervisors worry other companies will start asking for similar tax breaks. there's a debate going on today at san jose city council on how to regulate marijuana dispensaries. the council is debating capping
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the number of dispensaries from 20 to 10. we have a reporter at that city council meeting and we'll have a report coming up tonight on the 10:00 news. kind of cool and foggy and misty out there. our chief meteorologist bill martin is following the weather. what's going on out there. >> tomorrow more clouds and sprinkles show up late in the day and into thursday morning. the weekend at this point, appears to be unsettle. some of the long range computer models are bringing sprinkles and showers for saturday and maybe even sunday. things can change, this was early stuff. but we'll keep you updated. overnight highs low because of cloud cover. 52 in mountain view. nice night but cloudy. you wake up tomorrow morning, you know how this morning looked, that's how tomorrow looks. this is the system i'm tracking out here.
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you can already see it producing a little bit of shower activity. the system doesn't have much in the terms of moisture or potential rainfall. but it's going to be a lot like what we saw yesterday. and the -- i mean those weak weather systems are getting in here. wednesday morning it's teeing up offshore. so the clouds increase. we get late in the day around 3:00, 4:00 kind of moves in. very weak system. very light winds but the skies get cloudy. we get scattered showers in the forecast by wednesday late in the day. that's most likely going to impact part of the afternoon compute. the computer model now we go through wednesday morning. they really thicken up wednesday about 6:00 or 7:00. you start to see sprinkles and drizzle. in the north bay and out in the peninsula in the pacifica side by half-moon bay. not ha big deal but enough to slow you down. there you are thursday, thursday morning early. thursday morning's commute maybe some sprinkles then gone. that's the way it looks now.
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look behind me the clouds thicken up again getting ready for something on saturday. we'll see how it goes. a lot of this could change. a very fluid pattern right now. they are just nuisance showers. they are not producing anything for the reservoirs, they are just producing headaches for people on the roadway and people with weekend plans. the weekend always in view. you can see it there some clouds. >> nuisance that sums it up. >> if it's going to rain, let's rain. let's get this thing going. >> make up your mind. >> rain or shine. president obama's town hall meeting that will be streamed live tomorrow is another sign of the emergence of social networking on the political scene. governor brown is one of those that chose to take his message to facebook.
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>> reporter: social meet kwra that's so transformative. here you're writing your own story 24/7. the use of social and new media to expand even more with twitter and mass text messages to follow. google is now launching a new connection. it allows users to suggest revisions to google maps. the tool has already been used in other countries. >> well it's quite a site. take a look at this. what the coast guard says it's doing with a stranded houseboat.
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a two story houseboat is stuck half way submerged in the san jose river. the coast guard tells ktvu its keeping a small boat on scene until a contractor moves it. there's no time frame on when
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it's expected to move away. that old macalamie river that's a tricky one. >> i know i had to practice. >> you don't hear often about the river. and the giants the way they started it looks like an instant replay out in the mile high city. buster posey a couple of strikes at him. no problem. and aaron rowan who was hit by a pitch, scored in the first round. but pablo sandoval will pitch two of them on the first swing against jimenez. three run shot. fifth of the year for sandoval and the giants at the bottom of the 2nd inning with jonathan sanchez leading the rockies 4- 0. a lot of play off basketball going on tonight. three games in fact, but the featured event on the floor back in boston. the knicks looking to up their
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lead to 3-0. allen sweetest shot this side of the mississippi. and rondo looking. the schedules optimistically speaking despite the labor problems for the nfl. the raiders home slate of course they have the inner division rivalry. and jets-patriots-bears. and dallas, the giants and steelers will travel to san francisco. that's the sporting life for right now. julie, ken. >> all right, thank you. and there's been a break in the pot club debate. the council has decided to limit the pot clubs to 10.
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we'll have more coming up. and the lengths that thieves will go to get their hands on precious metal. coming up in 30 minutes on newschannel 36, that's our report, i'm ken wayne. >> and i'm julie haener. that's our report for tonight. thanks for joining us.
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